2019 Wheeling During the Civil War Lecture Series

Presented by Ohio County Civil War Roundtable

January 28 – Five Wheeling Men and Their Pre-Civil War Efforts (Jeanne Finstein)

February 25 – Slavery in Wheeling (John Mattox)

March 25 – First (West) Virginia Infantry & Benjamin Franklin Kelley (Pete Chacalos)

April 27 – Civil War Veterans Interred in Greenwood Cemetery (Jeanne Finstein)

April 29 – Traitors in Wheeling: Stories of Those Who Signed the Ordinance of Secession (Ken Fones-Wolfe)

May 27 – Memorial Day morning walk through Greenwood Cemetery

June 24 – The B&O Railroad and Its Role in the War (Joe Laker)

July 22 – Wheeling Hospital and Wheeling Ambulance (Margaret Brennan)

August 26 – Carlin’s Battery & Capt. John Carlin (Ed Phillips)

October 28 – Wheeling’s Confederate Unit, the Shriver Grays (Gerry Reilly)

November 21 – Pro and Con Wheeling Newspapers During the War (Joe Laker)