Wheeling Area Genealogical Society Coming Events

March 2021

What’s New? Genealogy Classes on Zoom

We invite you to join us on Saturday, March 13 at 1:00 p.m. for the second genealogy class via Zoom. TOPIC: Where Did My Ancestors Live?

WAGS if offering a series of live, online genealogy classes using Zoom (a free, downloadable program for participants). These classes will begin with a focus on Wheeling, but many of the methods shown will apply to other locations. The classes will be offered at the group’s regular meeting day and time (1:00 pm on the second Saturday of the month). If you are interested in attending, send your email to reservations@wagswv.org. You will then be sent log-in information prior to each session.

From the Library:

Ohio County Public Library is open to the public by appointment. Call 304-232-0244.

Website: ohiocountylibrary.org

Information Website Launched

WAGS launched a new website http://wagswv.org/ to keep you up to date on coming local events and provide genealogical help resources. Everyone must register on the website to gain access. Click REGISTRATION and follow the instructions. Once you do that, you will be sent a link to activate your account. As WAGS members, you will have access to the entire website.